Concern has been growing in recent months as an economic “perfect storm” of events and actions target the life’s savings of millions of Americans.

The list of threats to retirement accounts seems to grow every week. Here are the top three challenges we’re facing just this month and next:

  1. Banking System Collapse – Big banks are quickly gobbling up smaller banks, prompting other small and regional banks to experience withdrawal runs, tanking stocks, and the need for taxpayer-funded bailouts.
  2. Debt Ceiling “Game of Chicken” – The U.S. government is facing default next month. This type of threat has happened in the past and standard operating procedure has been to kick the can down the road. But this time the two sides seem bent on blaming the other side for what’s about to happen rather than trying to fix the problem. The old game of Kick the Can appears to have been replaced by a dangerous game of Chicken.
  3. Inflation and the Diminishing Dollar – It isn’t just the reduced buying-power of the dollar that is forcing Americans to cut back. For the first time in decades, we’re facing a truly existential threat to the U.S. Dollar itself. If it loses its status as the world reserve currency, what will happen to retirement accounts that are stuck in the various markets?

Physical precious metals have held value since the dawn of humanity and many Americans are moving their retirement to the smart money.

Unfortunately, there are big players in the industry who are cashing in on the turmoil by offering “free” silver and bumping up prices to take advantage of concerned American citizens.

“It could be time to buy gold and stockpile food.” Tucker Carlson

Genesis Precious Metals is very different. As a faith-driven company, we can help you move your retirement to the “economic higher ground” of a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals